Thursday, March 1, 2012

Apple Stock

I have in the past recommended buying AAPL for its endless upside. I believe the stock has an unforeseen top right now, but it's nowhere near the top right now. This current price of $500 and change doesn't properly reflect the extent to which Apple and its products are permeating the world, especially into emerging markets. Look around and see how many people are using their iPhones to text, surf, upload, etc. Then look around and see how many people have an iPad, odds are that it's at least twice the number who had one last year, but about a tenth the number of people who have iPhones.

My point is that while the iPhone is still gaining in popularity, is still working out its kinks and has room for growth, Apple's next up-and-coming product, the iPad, has yet to embrace its full potential and the populous has yet to purchase and use one, though they will see soon that they also "need" one. The world is moving toward a technologically dependent society and Apple is at the cutting edge of this technology and soon-to-be necessity. And they're underused, under-appreciated and undervalued as a company.

So, when co-founder Steve Wozniak came out earlier today and stated that Apple's stock price could hit $1,000/share and that he wouldn't be surprised if it did, I sat back, considered, and then completely agreed with him. Apple, for too long, has been the leader in innovation since Microsoft consistently finds itself ridden with flaws, scandals, investigations and products that fail in comparison to Apple's and to many others'. And while Google's stock price has soared in the past four years, Apple's is only just beginning its meteoric rise; and where Google's stock price stopped and then began slowly ascending again, Apple's is still in its infancy of meteoric rise.

I definitely see a doubling in the stock price and see the company growing exponentially over the next five years, which is plenty of time for the price to double and even surpass that magical number. I also see Apple continuing to diversify its already diverse business model and entering into the television genre (which they have announced they are still doing), spreading into emerging markets, and streamlining its business model.

Final stock price: ???

Bottom line: Invest.

I mean, really, where is the downside? IS there even one?

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