Friday, March 2, 2012

IBM's Quantum Computer

IBM, a company and stock I have recommended in the past, is flirting with the idea of building the world's first Quantum Computer, capable of millions of computations per section and billions per minute. The computer, the company says, is vital to progressing in important areas of computer science, technology and analytical research. The theory, first brought about in the 1980s, is a challenge that few companies find themselves able to attempt. IBM being the biggest and most important to attempt to for several reasons.

Watson, IBM's supercomputer which competed successfully on Jeopardy against past champions in a route that was worthy of DVR replay, is already a huge step for a company that rarely gets its fair share. A lot of people talk about the rebuilding of Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard or about the emergence of Cisco and Oracle into the drivers' seats of technological innovation but IBM has proven, since its first unveiling of the ideas of personal computing decades ago, that it is constantly on the cutting edge of all technological innovation and will remain the forerunner.

It comes as no surprise to this blogger that IBM is attempting such a massive and important undertaking; they should be trading at a price much higher than they are at right now, have tons of room to grow, and honestly look a lot better both in person and on paper than any of their competitors. They knew when to get out of the personal computing business and have entered into the domain of servers and other essential technological equipment, which is really taking off now in terms of business sales. IBM was at the forefront of this and made this decision before any of its competitors and, when its competitors took it as a sign of the weakening of IBM, IBM knew well before the turning of the tides what was in store. This intuition and foresight, I think, is an important characteristic of a company to invest in and trust in the future.

The idea of the computer itself is mesmerizing and impressive and the result I'm sure will be nothing short of frighteningly intriguing and superb.

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